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SKU: CL2-SF-9001

Designed to adjust and correct both the front Roll Centre Height, and Bump Steer geometry on all lowered Clio mk2 RS models.


The PRO-AM Racing Suspension Geometry Kit has been developed directly from our full race kit, for motorsport use; with 1000’s of race miles to validate its performance and durability on track!


  • Corrected Geometry - Reduced body roll - Reduction in understeer.
  • Increase in turn in response – Greater steering control - Smoother Ride.
  • Wider track width (5mm per side) and additional negative camber.
  • Simple, direct fitment to OEM Renault hubs (no modification required, also reversible).
  • CNC-Machined components for increased precision and strength.
  • Components anodised or zinc plated for extra corrosion protection.
  • Motorsport specification, PTFE Lined, Spherical Bearings and Rod Ends.
  • High Tensile 12.9 grade bolts and lightweight, self-locking aerospace spec K-Nuts.



One of the first modifications required when converting any road car to a track/race car is to substantially lower your cars ride height; thus lowering that critical Centre of Gravity with the goal of increasing your cornering speeds! However this comes at the price of drastically altering the front suspension geometry.


This alteration causes a lowering of the front roll centre height, which in turn creates increased levels of front body roll. This increase in roll causes more weight to be transferred over the front axle, which has the effect of changing the handling balance of the car, producing more understeer.


This is usually combatted with higher than optimal front spring rates which has the negative impact of reducing the cars low / medium speed mechanical grip and turn in response, while also reducing the cars ability to ride bumps smoothly.


Another commonly used way to try to reduce this understeer is to run higher levels of negative camber on the front axle. This can be difficult to achieve, and also reduces the available tyre contact patch, which is essential for optimal traction when accelerating and braking!




With our bespoke kit we are able to raise the roll centre height back to the optimal position by lowering the outboard ball joint Centre; thus minimising the front roll, correcting the handling balance of the car and reducing that dreaded understeer!


In parallel the bump steer correction adaptors are installed to realign the steering arm geometry with the now repositioned lower arm and ball joint housing. Using our racing experience and setup knowledge we have also dialled in our own bump steer setting, which not only improves steering control, but also reduces the sensitivity of the car and the steering to any single wheel bumps in the track, providing a more stable and smooth ride around even the bumpiest of circuits.


While our kits are beneficial at any level of vehicle lowering; they have been designed to optimise the Roll Centre for greatest performance on cars lowered between 20 – 40+ mm


More details can be found in our ‘kit contents’ and ‘build guide’ tabs