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Renault Clio II RS (182) 2.0

Renault Clio II RS (182) v2 no box.png
Renault Clio II RS (182) v2.png


OEM Renault F4R '738' 2L 16V i4 Engine 

Stock Pistons & Compression Ratio

OEM Camshafts & Standard Cam Timing, Retained Variable Valve Timing (VVT)

Ecumaster Oil Pressure Sensor 0-10 bar

Ecumaster Oil Temperature Sensor 0-200°C

Motul 300V Power 5W-40 Ester Synthetic Engine Oil

NGK PFR6E-10 Laser Platinum Spark Plugs 

Advanced Radiators Aftermarket SE320 Radiator, Custom Mounted

SPAL 10" Pull Type Radiator Fan 

Coolant Thermostat Removal

MTC Motorsport Black Silicone Water Hoses

Evans Power Cool 180 Waterless Coolant

PRO-AM Racing Custom Cold Air Inlet Feed

BMC CDA Carbon Dynamics Ø150mm Airbox / Filter

OEM Renault 4-2-1 Exhaust Manifold, DEI Titanium Wrapped 

OEM Renault Clio Catalytic Converter

Scorpion Stainless Steel Ø63,5mm 'Non Resonated' Exhaust Center Pipe  

Scorpion Stainless Steel Ø63,5mm CAT Back Duel 'Lemans' Exit Silencer

OEM Renault 'Non Baffled' Fuel Tank & Pump

PRO-AM Racing Custom Internal Aluminium Fuel Hardlines

PRO-AM Racing Custom External Stainless Steel Braided Hoses

Staubli Fuel Dry Break Couplings (Fuel Pump Out)

Vibra Technics Engine, Gearbox & Dog Bone Mounts

OEM Renault 172 Cup Alternator & Mounting Brackets

Air Conditioning System Removed

DEI Starter Motor Vers Heat Shield 


TTV Lightweight Billet Steel Flywheel

OEM Valeo 'Organic' Clutch Friction Plate, Housing & Release Bearing

OEM Renault JC5-130 Gearbox

Quaife ATB Limited Slip Differential (LSD)

Shorter Megane 5th Gear Ratio 33/37

Genuine Diff Bearings, Shims & Seals

Ecumaster Oil Temperature Sensor 0-200°C

Motul Gear 300 75w-90 Fully Synthetic Gearbox & Diff Oil


AST Suspension 5100, 1 Way Dampening Adjustable Coilover Units, Front & Rear

AST Suspension Custom Spring Rates, Front & Rear

PRO-AM Racing Suspension Geo Correction Kit

PRO-AM Racing Adjustable Camber & Castor Top Mount Kit 

PRO-AM Racing Custom Carbon Fibre Strut Brace

PRO-AM Racing Strengthened Front Wishbones

Powerflex Black Series Front Wishbone Bushes

OEM Renault 25mm Front Anti-Roll Bar

Powerflex Black Series Front Anti-Roll Bar Bushes

Strengthened Rear Beam

Pure Motorsport Rear Beam Spherical Bearing Conversion Kit

Pure Motorsport 19mm Rear Anti-Roll Bar - 3 Point Adjustable

Rear Stub Axle Camber / Toe Shims

M12 x 1,5 x 75mm 'Bullet Tip' Wheel Stud & Nut Kit, Front & Rear

OEM Renault PAS Steering Rack, PAS Deleted & Ports Looped & Bunged

Powerflex Black Series Steering Gear Bushes


OEM Renault 1 Pot Front Brake Calipers

Brembo High Carbon (HC) Ø280x24mm Vented Front Discs

Carbon Lorraine RC8 Front Pads

OEM Renault 1 Pot Rear Brake Calipers

OEM Renault Ø238x8mm Solid Rear Brake Discs

Road Track Race Parts Rear Disc Washers

OEM Renault Rear Pads

OEM Renault Ø22,2mm Master Cylinder

AP Racing Lever Type Bias Valve - ABS Pump Removed

PRO-AM Racing Custom Internal Aluminium Brake Hardlines

PRO-AM Racing Custom External Stainless Steel Braided Hoses

Brake Servo Disconnected

Motul RBF660 Brake Fluid


Full Weld In FIA Compliant 15 Point Rollcage

OMP HTE-R Fibreglass Seat

OMP Aluminium High Profile Seat Mounts

OMP Saloon 6 Point HL Harness

OMP Ø330mm Targa Steering Wheel - Black Suede

OMP White Collection Electrically Actuated Fire Extinguisher System - 4.25 Ltr

PRO-AM Racing Gear Linkage System & Integrated Switch Panel

ECU Master ADU 5" Digital Dash Display - Built In Data Logging 

ECU Master GPS Module - Enabling Live Lap Delta Timing

Stilo Verbacom Pit To Car Communication System

OEM Renault Wiring Loom, Stripped Of All Non Essential Wiring

Varley Red Top 25 Battery & Battery Bracket

Longacre 15" Wide Angle Rear View Mirror

OEM Renault Clio MKI Dash Top, Flocked

PRO-AM Racing Custom Door Cards & Pulls

Carbon-tec Carbon Fibre Driver & Passenger Foot Rests

AP Racing Pedal Plates & Throttle Side Plate


PRO-AM Racing Custom 'Phenolic Plywood' Fixed Front Splitter

PRO-AM Racing Custom Rear Wing & End Plates - 5 Angle Adjustable

Plastics 4 Performance 'Thermoformed' Polycarbonate Window Kit 

Heated Front Screen by Ricky Evans Motorsport

PRO-AM Racing Custom Sun Strip

PRO-AM Racing Custom Single Wiper Conversion

Single Skin Vented Bonnet

Aerocatch 'Plush Flush' Bonnet & Boot Pins

OEM Renault Front Bumper With Pitking Quick Release Pins

PRO-AM Racing Custom Radiator Ducting

TRS Tow Loop Straps, Front & Rear

PRO-AM Racing Custom Jacking Sill Kit

OEM Renault Xenon Headlights

MSA Approved Rear Rain Light

External Electrical Cut Off & Extinguisher Actuation Switches

Full Custom Race Livery - Design & Installed in House @ PRO-AM Racing


Team Dynamics Pro Race 1.2 15"x7" Front & Rear (Gloss Black)

TDC: Toyo R888R GG - 205/50/R15 Front & Rear (championship control tyre) 

Super Cup: Yokohama A052 - 205/50/R15 Front & Rear (championship control tyre) 

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