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Renault Clio II RS (182) 2.0

Renault Clio II RS (182) v2 no box.png
Renault Clio II RS (182) v2.png


  • OEM Renault F4R '738' 2L 16V i4 Engine 

  • Stock Pistons & Compression Ratio

  • OEM Camshafts & Standard Cam Timing, Retained Variable Valve Timing (VVT)

  • Ecumaster Oil Pressure Sensor 0-10 bar

  • Ecumaster Oil Temperature Sensor 0-200°C

  • Millers CFS 5w-40 NT+ Competition Fully Synthetic Engine Oil

  • NGK PFR6E-10 Laser Platinum Spark Plugs 

  • Advanced Radiators Aftermarket SE320 Radiator, Custom Mounted

  • SPAL 10" Pull Type Radiator Fan 

  • Coolant Thermostat Removal

  • MTC Motorsport Black Silicone Water Hoses

  • De-Ironised Water (Coolant)

  • PRO-AM Racing Custom Cold Air Inlet Feed

  • BMC CDA Carbon Dynamics Ø150mm Airbox / Filter

  • OEM Renault 4-2-1 Exhaust Manifold, DEI Titanium Wrapped 

  • OEM Renault Clio Catalytic Converter

  • Scorpion Stainless Steel Ø63,5mm 'Non Resonated' Exhaust Center Pipe  

  • Scorpion Stainless Steel Ø63,5mm CAT Back Duel 'Lemans' Exit Silencer

  • OEM Renault 'Non Baffled' Fuel Tank & Pump

  • PRO-AM Racing Custom Internal Aluminium Fuel Hardlines

  • PRO-AM Racing Custom External Stainless Steel Braided Hoses

  • Staubli Fuel Dry Break Couplings (Fuel Pump Out)

  • Vibra Technics Engine, Gearbox & Dog Bone Mounts

  • OEM Renault 172 Cup Alternator & Mounting Brackets

  • Air Conditioning System Removed

  • DEI Starter Motor Vers Heat Shield 


  • TTV Lightweight Billet Steel Flywheel

  • OEM Valeo 'Organic' Clutch Friction Plate, Housing & Release Bearing

  • OEM Renault JC5-130 Gearbox

  • Gripper Plated Limited Slip Differential (LSD) 4.28 30/80  - 120Nm

  • Shorter Megane 5th Gear Ratio 33/37

  • Genuine Diff Bearings, Shims & Seals

  • Ecumaster Oil Temperature Sensor 0-200°C

  • Millers CRX 75w-90 NT+ Competition Fully Synthetic Transmission Oil


  • AST Suspension 5100, 1 Way Dampening Adjustable Coilover Units, Front & Rear

  • AST Suspension Custom Spring Rates, Front & Rear

  • PRO-AM Racing Suspension Geo Correction Kit

  • PRO-AM Racing Adjustable Camber & Castor Top Mount Kit 

  • PRO-AM Racing Custom Carbon Fibre Strut Brace

  • PRO-AM Racing Strengthened Front Wishbones

  • Powerflex Black Series Front Wishbone Bushes

  • OEM Renault 25mm Front Anti-Roll Bar

  • Powerflex Black Series Front Anti-Roll Bar Bushes

  • Pure Motorsport Front 18mm Slip On Hubcentric Wheel Spacers

  • Strengthened Rear Beam

  • Pure Motorsport Rear Beam Spherical Bearing Conversion Kit

  • Pure Motorsport 19mm Rear Anti-Roll Bar - 3 Point Adjustable

  • Rear Stub Axle Camber / Toe Shims

  • M12 x 1,5 x 75mm 'Bullet Tip' Wheel Stud & Nut Kit, Front & Rear

  • OEM Renault DCi (Non PAS) Steering Rack 7700437052 (Strengthening plates added)

  • Clio MK3 Power Steering Column 8220 937 973-B

  • Steering Electronics Adjustable Power Steering Controller Kit 

  • PRO-AM Racing Custom Steering Angle Sensor


  • OEM Renault 4 Pot Brembo Front Brake Calipers (machined)

  • Pure Motorsport Brembo 280mm Brake Bracket Kit

  • Brembo High Carbon (HC) Ø280x24mm Vented Front Discs

  • Carbon Lorraine RC8 Front Pads

  • OEM Renault 1 Pot Rear Brake Calipers

  • OEM Renault Ø238x8mm Solid Rear Brake Discs

  • Road Track Race Parts Rear Disc Washers

  • OEM Renault Rear Pads

  • OEM Renault Ø22,2mm Master Cylinder

  • AP Racing Lever Type Bias Valve - ABS Pump Removed

  • Ecumaster Brake Pressure Sensor 0-100 bar

  • PRO-AM Racing Custom Internal Aluminium Brake Hardlines

  • PRO-AM Racing Custom External Stainless Steel Braided Hoses

  • Brake Servo Disconnected

  • Motul RBF660 Brake Fluid


  • Full Weld In FIA Compliant 15 Point Rollcage

  • OMP HTE-R Fibreglass Seat

  • OMP Aluminium High Profile Seat Mounts

  • OMP Saloon 6 Point HL Harness

  • OMP Ø330mm Targa Steering Wheel - Black Suede

  • OMP White Collection Electrically Actuated Fire Extinguisher System - 4.25 Ltr

  • PRO-AM Racing Gear Linkage System & Integrated Switch Panel

  • ECU Master ADU 5" Digital Dash Display - Built In Data Logging 

  • ECU Master GPS Module - Enabling Live Lap Delta Timing

  • Stilo Verbacom Pit To Car Communication System

  • OEM Renault Wiring Loom, Stripped Of All Non Essential Wiring

  • Varley Red Top 25 Battery & Battery Bracket

  • Longacre 15" Wide Angle Rear View Mirror

  • OEM Renault Clio MKI Dash Top, Flocked

  • PRO-AM Racing Custom Door Cards & Pulls

  • Carbon-tec Carbon Fibre Driver & Passenger Foot Rests

  • AP Racing Pedal Plates & Throttle Side Plate


  • PRO-AM Racing Custom 'Phenolic Plywood' Fixed Front Splitter

  • PRO-AM Racing Custom Rear Wing & End Plates - 5 Angle Adjustable

  • Plastics 4 Performance 'Thermoformed' Polycarbonate Window Kit 

  • Heated Front Screen by Ricky Evans Motorsport

  • PRO-AM Racing Custom Sun Strip

  • PRO-AM Racing Custom Single Wiper Conversion

  • Single Skin Vented Bonnet

  • Aerocatch 'Plush Flush' Bonnet & Boot Pins

  • OEM Renault Front Bumper With Pitking Quick Release Pins

  • PRO-AM Racing Custom Radiator Ducting

  • TRS Tow Loop Straps, Front & Rear

  • PRO-AM Racing Custom Jacking Sill Kit

  • OEM Renault Xenon Headlights

  • MSA Approved Rear Rain Light

  • External Electrical Cut Off & Extinguisher Actuation Switches

  • Full Custom Race Livery - Design & Installed in House @ PRO-AM Racing


  • Team Dynamics Pro Race 1.2 15"x7" Front & Rear (Gloss Black)

  • TDC: Toyo R888R GG - 205/50/R15 Front & Rear (championship control tyre) 

  • TDT: Dunlop Direzza DZ03G - 205/50/R15 Front

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