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Motorsport; full of excitement, fast cars and the spirit of competition. It’s seen some of the most memorable moments in sporting history. In 2024 you too could enjoy the thrill and make your own memories whilst experiencing the performance of one of our race cars!

We are offering arrive and drive packages to compete in a full season or single events.

Do you want to run at the front?….. Then we have race winning cars and one of the best packages and prices around.

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Power: 182hp

Weight: 936kg

0-60mph: 5.6s 

Organiser: MSVT Racing Trackday Championship

Event Type: Championship

Rounds: 6

Drivers: 1-2

Qualifying: 25 mins

Race Duration: 45mins 


Power: 69hp

Weight: 875kg

0-60mph: 12.2s 

Organiser: MSVT Racing EnduroKA

Event Type: Series

Rounds: 6

Drivers: 2-6

Qualifying: 60 mins

Race Duration:

5hr  ,6hr  ,9hr , 24hr

Please download our full brochure using the links above , or contact us for further details:

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