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Pro-Am wins after late drama at the IndyKA 500

Scott Thompson

30 Oct 2023

PRO-AM Racing snatched a last-gasp victory in the IndyKA 500 at Brands Hatch to secure the title of the most successful team in the 2023 Enduro KA series.

What a fantastic conclusion to our inaugural season of EnduroKA racing with our third victory! 🥇

The Brands Indy 500 is the highlight of the EnduroKA series, featuring 38 cars on the grid racing through the night for 500 minutes.

Once again the race featured challenging conditions due to heavy rain causing rivers on the track, leading to numerous safety car periods. Throughout the eight hours of racing competitors were faced with a total of 21 safety car periods, before the track eventually transitioned from wet to dry as night fell.

Justin Roberts, Nicole Drought, Louis Harvey, and Scott Thompson consistently posted some of the fastest lap times throughout all four stints, engaging in a lead battle with Milnair Racing's 46 car and JTR's 128 car that lasted the entire race. This eventually evolved into a two-car duel involving the JTR car. Despite JTR's Nick Tandy, who had won at Le Mans, appearing poised for victory, a late safety car intervention on the 22nd lap brought Scott Thompson from Pro-Am Racing into the mix. With 15 minutes left on the clock, Thompson applied pressure on Tandy before briefly overtaking him for the lead. Approaching Surtees corner, both cars nose to tail, the JTR car experienced a hub failure, leading to evasive maneuvers from both drivers. Nick Tandy was forced to head to the pits for repairs, robbing the viewers or what was looking to be hotting up to be a thrilling battle, and Scott Thompson from Pro-Am Racing capitalized on the situation and secured the win.

Pro-Am Racing's pit crew also demonstrated exceptional skill, precision, and speed during the race, finishing over 35 seconds ahead of their closest rival after the 3 pit stops. This victory reflects the team's dedication, hard work, and commitment to excellence through practice, preparation, and coordination.

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