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Le Mans: our reward for 2023 EnduroKA success

Scott Thompson

21 Jun 2024

As EnduroKA’s most successful team of 2023, with three wins and a second place, we were thrilled to win a special trip to watch the Le Mans race, courtesy of 1st Tickets.

1st Tickets have been an EnduroKA series sponsor for many seasons! They are a well respected specialist tour operator with over 12 years of experience, with a focus on Endurance and Classic Car racing. As one of the UK's official agents for Le Mans, they offer a range of self-drive packages, including private campsites with excellent facilities. Their personalized service and extensive event knowledge ensure a seamless and secure booking experience.

Here’s a recap of the incredible experience they provided for us, and what it means for our future racing ambitions.

The Excitement of Going to Le Mans

We were absolutely thrilled when we found out we were going to Le Mans. For many racing enthusiasts, watching the race live is a dream come true, and we couldn’t wait to experience the legendary event firsthand. The effort we put into achieving our results in 2023 made this opportunity feel like the perfect celebration, validating all our hard work. Winning our races was a significant achievement, and attending Le Mans was the icing on the cake.

Our First Time at Le Mans

Surprisingly, it was the first time for our entire team attending Le Mans, despite our longstanding passion for endurance racing. We usually stay up late to watch the race from the comfort of our couches, but experiencing it in person was an entirely different and incomparable experience.

An Incredible Experience

The experience was absolutely incredible. The track turned out to be much larger than we had anticipated, and we ended up walking around 25,000 steps a day. The atmosphere was undoubtedly the highlight, filled with festival vibes and everyone enjoying themselves throughout the night. The first tickets campsite was conveniently close to the track, boasting top-notch facilities that allowed us to get up close to the action and the cars all weekend long. We even had some friendly competition with karting, which naturally established the team's hierarchy—some took it a bit too seriously, as expected! During the track walk session, a few of our team members even ran the entire circuit, adding to the thrill of the experience. Overall, it was an unforgettable adventure.

Looking Forward to Anglesey

We're incredibly excited for our first 24-hour race with EnduroKA at Anglesey. It's a major bucket list item for us, as not many get the opportunity to compete in such a demanding event. While completing the race will be a significant achievement in itself, our ultimate aim is to secure a victory, and we see this as a great stepping stone towards our ambition of one day entering the Le Mans race ourselves.

Summing Up EnduroKA

EnduroKA is all about the thrill of endurance racing combined with a welcoming atmosphere. It strikes a perfect balance between being competitive and accessible, making it a great series for drivers of all levels. The community spirit is strong, and races are exciting, emphasizing teamwork, strategy, and consistent performance. Whether you're new to racing or a seasoned driver, EnduroKA offers an unforgettable experience.

Our Advice to New Drivers and Teams

As EnduroKA’s most successful team in 2023, we have a few tips for new drivers and teams:

  • Make sure your car is well-prepared and reliable. Preparation is key!

  • Work closely with your team, as effective communication and cooperation are crucial.

  • Aim for consistent lap times rather than just going flat out. Consistency wins races.

  • Keep your cool, especially when things get tough; endurance racing is all about patience and composure.

  • Always make sure you learn from each race and tweak your strategies as needed.

Good luck to all the new drivers and teams joining EnduroKA! The journey is as rewarding as the race itself.

Stay tuned for more updates from our team as we gear up for our next big challenge at Anglesey!

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