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A Thrilling Victory in Challenging Conditions

Scott Thompson

1 Oct 2023

One of the wettest races on record didn't stop the trio of Will Hillyard, Nicole Drought and Justin Roberts from recording PRO-AM's 2nd Win of the season, and the 1st woman to win in EnduroKA!

Team regular Will Hillyard set the tone for an exhilarating race weekend with an outstanding performance in qualifying. His fastest lap for the team on the challenging Cheshire circuit earned us a solid P5 starting position among a competitive field of 35 competitors.

However, as the anticipation built for the race start, the weather took a dramatic turn. Dark clouds gathered overhead, unleashing a torrential downpour that persisted throughout the entire 5-hour race duration. The sudden rain added a new dimension of difficulty and excitement, testing the drivers' abilities to the limit and setting the stage for a thrilling battle on the wet track.

Amid the challenging conditions, Nicole Drought showcased her skill and composure by starting the race strongly. She expertly navigated through the rain-soaked circuit, handling multiple safety car periods, and laying the groundwork for what promised to be an intense competition ahead.

Justin Roberts demonstrated strategic prowess as he adapted to the ever-changing weather conditions. His calculated maneuvers during crucial stints and more safety car interventions allowed him to climb up the ranks, showcasing his adaptability and racecraft under pressure.

Noteworthy was Will Hillyard's pivotal decision to adjust the team's strategy mid-race. His selfless move proved instrumental in reshaping their approach and ultimately played a significant role in setting the stage for a remarkable comeback.

Through a combination of well-timed pit stops and stellar driving performances, the team fought their way back into contention despite the challenging circumstances. Nicole Drought's exceptional talent and determination shone through during the final laps, as she displayed remarkable skill and resilience in adverse conditions.

Victory Lap:

The climax of the race came in the form of Nicole's daring move to claim the lead around the outside of Cascades, to the cheers of the pit crew and team!... Her masterful display of wet weather driving prowess culminated in a heart-stopping finish as she defended for the following last 7 laps of the race. Nicole crossed the finish line with a blazing final lap time (only bettered by a British GT regular, by 0.1s), securing a well-deserved victory and etching her name in the annals of racing history being the first woman to win an EnduroKA race!

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